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"Great books! One of the better Conan-not-Conan series. Poyton does a much better job of nailing the Howardian vibe than most who have tried."  Deuce Richardson  

" Action packed and features some solid characters. If you enjoyed the works of Robert E. Howard I believe you will have a fun time with this novel."   

"Another tour-de-force among the many adventures and tales of terror, all from the fertile imagination of Rob Poyton! He writes in a dense style, filled with details of the world he inhabits with fierce warriors, that wander the worlds channeling the spirit of Conan, King Kull, and Soloman Kane."   

 "I am very pleased and delighted with this very high quality collection from Robert Poyton. And he is a very good poet, too. If you like weird strong horror or Lovecraft, then buy this great new book." 

 "Robert Poyton’s Innsmouth Echoes, wow, what a read! Here in haunting, pictorial prose, the author conjures up fresh images and fantastic storylines of Lovecraft’s Dagon and the Deep Ones a reader’s mind. A “must-read” for all Lovecraftians, near and far." 

 "What a great and diverse collection of Lovecraft-inspired stories. Each one has its own style and explores the time before or after the original stories. Very professionally produced with some lovely pen and ink illustrations and eye catching cover."