Pleased to announce I have a review of Justin Hill's Viking Fire published at the DMR Books blog.
It's a great book and a great blog, check it out!


DS  Hinds and his colleagues think the worst is over  but the three are drawn deeper into the Dunwich conspiracy. They soon discover it reaches to the highest levels of the UK Establishment and beyond.

Meanwhile, events on the East Anglia coast trigger a national crisis, waking an ancient creature that has slumbered for aeons beneath the depths of the North Sea.

And at the CERN project in Switzerland, a more recent evil has returned and is ready to open a trans-dimensional portal, a gateway to the Beyond…

.A modern take on HP Lovecraft’s classic The Dunwich Horror and the second novella in a new Cthulhu Mythos trilogy!
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"FT readers will enjoy the allusions in these genuinely creepy and well-written stories of archaic horrors in a modern, if damp, landscape." 
  - Fortean Times magazine, Remnants

 "I am very pleased and delighted with this very high quality collection from Robert Poyton. And he is a very good poet, too. If you like weird strong horror [ or Lovecraft, Cthulhu, Deep ones, and worse monsters ], then BUY /READ THIS GREAT new BOOK." - Amazon review, Innsmouth Echoes

“Great, pulpy, sword and sorcery fun in the vein of Robert Howard or Fritz Leiber. Looking forward to the next in the series.” 
“Really enjoyed this, it's a good old fashioned sword and sorcery tale.”  - Amazon reviews, Wolf in Shadows

This is an extremely enjoyable adventure novel, a bit like The Dirty Dozen in space.  here's a lot of scope here for twists and turns of plot. Looking forward to the next episode!"  - Amazon review, Assault Team 5

   "I recently received both of these CD's, and I can tell you from personal experience that the Ritual and Dream CD is a great soundscape companion to ten of Lovecraft's tales; while the Illustrations of Madness goes beyond just Lovecraft to also cover tales by Robert W. Chambers, Edgar Allan Poe, and even August W. Derleth too. 
 Start with the Ritual and Dream CD, and I'm pretty sure you'll be buying the second CD too! Awesome moody audio pieces for use while reading Lovecraft and others, or listening to afterward. These pieces will also make you want to re-read or listen to Lovecraft's tales all over again! Thank You for making these discs!" 
  - Will Hart on our CD series