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"Great books! One of the better Conan-not-Conan series. Poyton does a much better job of nailing the Howardian vibe than most who have tried."  Deuce Richardson 

" Action packed and features some solid characters. If you enjoyed the works of Robert E. Howard I believe you will have a fun time with this novel."  

"Another tour-de-force among the many adventures and tales of terror, all from the fertile imagination of Rob Poyton! He writes in a dense style, filled with details of the world he inhabits with fierce warriors, that wander the worlds channeling the spirit of Conan, King Kull, and Soloman Kane."  

 "I am very pleased and delighted with this very high quality collection from Robert Poyton. And he is a very good poet, too. If you like weird strong horror or Lovecraft, then buy this great new book."

 "Robert Poyton’s Innsmouth Echoes, wow, what a read! Here in haunting, pictorial prose, the author conjures up fresh images and fantastic storylines of Lovecraft’s Dagon and the Deep Ones a reader’s mind. A “must-read” for all Lovecraftians, near and far."

 "What a great and diverse collection of Lovecraft-inspired stories. Each one has its own style and explores the time before or after the original stories. Very professionally produced with some lovely pen and ink illustrations and eye catching cover."


The Dunwich Trilogy

The Dunwich Trilogy
  • The Dunwich Trilogy
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A savage murder on Dunwich beach plunges DS Marcus Hinds into an investigation that threatens his sanity. Assisted by local reporter Suzy Bainbridge and conspiracy theorist Bob Couzens, Hinds uncovers the links between a secret Government facility, Sizewell Nuclear Power Plant and Nazi occult experiments.

But this is just the beginning! From the UK, to CERN, to a world beyond, the three are taken on a nightmare journey, battling against human and inhuman foes.

And meanwhile, two incredibly ancient forces clash in a titanic struggle for the future of the planet.


Three fast-paced modern Mythos novellas. Author Robert Poyton’s contemporary take on Lovecraft’s classic story.

Paperback 386 pages

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The Wolf Who Would be King series

Wolf in Shadows
  • Wolf in Shadows
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Volume One of a blistering new Sword & Sorcery series, The Wolf Who Would be King.

When a young thief attempts a robbery at the Royal Palace he gets more than he bargained for - a meeting with the King! But this is no average King, he was once a thief himself.

And so begins the saga of a young Northern barbarian’s first encounter with the ancient civilisation of Adelphis. Of the danger that lurks beneath the sophisticated veneer. Of conspiracy and unholy sorcery. And of how a lone wolf becomes leader of the biggest pack of thieves in town!

Classic pulp S&S in the spirit of Robert E Howard!

298 pages, paperback

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Wolf in Chains
  • Wolf in Chains
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Following the events of Wolf in Shadows, the young barbarian Llorc settles into his role as Royal Bodyguard. But a diplomatic mission to the desert city of Sahkmet plunges him into fresh intrigue – and the Wolf is chained! Meanwhile, far to the south an undead sorcerer is uniting the Desert Hordes and leading them on a merciless crusade to attack Sahkmet. Can a northern barbarian hold the key to defeating this ancient evil? Stirring Sword and Sorcery in the vein of Robert E Howard!

212 pages Paperback

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Wolf in the North
  • Wolf in the North
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VOLUME THREE OF THE WOLF SAGA! Tired of the lies and intrigues of the south, Llorc returns to his northern homeland. He finds a country ravaged by plague and beset by strife. For a fearsome berserker known as the Reiver has seized the Iron Crown and the Eight Clans stand poised on the brink of civil war. Llorc must guide a group of refugees through an increasingly hostile land, where ancient legends come to life and new ways rise to challenge the old.He may even have to face the gods themselves to save his people!

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Wolf in the Underworld
  • Wolf in the Underworld
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Following the defeat of the Reiver, life in Llorc's homeland returns to its usual routines. Restless and bored, the young warrior sets forth again, this time heading into the Borderlands to the south-east. He hopes to find work for his sword in this wild place but instead becomes an indentured guard in the bustling trading town of Livadia.

But unknown to Llorc, the town is also the focal point for three sets of treasure hunters - all seeking the fabled hoard of the wizard Sabhar Lal, said to be hidden somewhere in the nearby mountains.

And furthermore, the Priest King of Yarlung has placed a price on Llorc's head. A price that a group of warriors from that far-flung Kingdom are determined to collect, even if it means following Llorc into the underworld....

Paperback 225 pages

"Great books! One of the better Conan-not-Conan series. Poyton does a much better job of nailing the Howardian vibe than most who have tried." Deuce Richardson

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Ancestors & Descendants

Ancestors & Descendants  paperback
  • Ancestors & Descendants  paperback
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Ancestors - we all have them. Family lines that extend deep into the past and, sometimes, into the future.

The works of HP Lovecraft are full of references to twisted family trees, evil ancestors, and degenerate descendants. Inheritance and legacy, rebirth and decay.

This anthology explores both prequels and sequels to Lovecraftian tales. Seventeen stories that tell of the descendants of Randolph Carter and of the aftermath of the fateful 1928 Innsmouth raid. You will discover the dark history of the de la Poers, read of the early days of the artist Pickman, and learn the secrets of Erich Zann.

From downtown Arkham to distant Venus, from the dawn of time to the far flung future; this unique collection, by authors old and new, seeks to expand and explore the rich Mythos legacy left to us by the Father of the Weird Tale.


The Events at Exham Priory - Robert Poyton
A Brief Delay on the Road to San Bernardino - B Harlan Crawford
Sympathetic Vibrations - Lee Clark Zumpe
His Last Summer - Russell Smeaton
Portrait of the Artist - Frank Coffman
The Acquisition of Mariah Lieberman - Peter Rawlik
The Shadow Over America - John Houlihan
Crepitus - Mark Jenkins
Whatever Happened to Bobby Lee? - Eduardo Peret
Bad Dream - Chris Halliday
The Derelict in the Dock - John A DeLaughter
The Lullaby of Erich Zann - GK Lomax
Twilight of the Gods - Glynn Owen Barrass
Memories - Tony Bradbury
Nyarlathotep 2030 ( or A Dark Carnival)
- Ian Delacroix
Beneath the Walls of Eryx - Dickon Springate
The Nyarlathotep Experience - Miguel Fliguer

Illustrations by Graveheart Designs
Paperback 342 pages

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Short Stories

  • Remnants
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The East Anglia Fens are place of mystery and imagination. The spectral landscape broods under a wide sky. Lonely roads lead to ruined abbeys. Narrow tracks meander off into the marshes. The fog draws suddenly in and there is the always the ever-present, deep, dark water.

Drawing influence from the works of
MR James and HP Lovecraft as well as local myth and folklore, author Robert C Poyton has written thirteen tales set in and around the Fens.

From the truth of what actually happened to King John in The Wash, to the modern day Dunwich Nightmare, these stories will chill you to the bone.

"FT readers will enjoy the allusions in these genuinely creepy and well-written stories of archaic horrors in a modern, if damp, landscape." - Fortean Times Magazine


  1. Remnants
  2. Caxton Gibbet
  3. Cobwebs & Dust
  4. The Scarecrow
  5. Fenland Ground is Soft for Digging
  6. Mission 13
  7. The Squire
  8. The Confession of Brother Simon
  9. You Haunt Me
  10. Willow Drove End
  11. The Butterfly Collector
  12. The Fen Hound
  13. The Dunwich Nightmare

202 pages paperback

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Innsmouth Echoes
  • Innsmouth Echoes
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INNSMOUTH! Decaying New England seaport, creation of iconic weird tale author HP Lovecraft.But what if it were a real place? What if ripples from that accursed town were to spread out across the world? Inspired by family documents and photos, this collection brings together tales and poems reflecting the legacy of Innsmouth throughout the ages.

From the loss of King John’s treasure in the Wash, to the truth behind Britain’s largest earthquake. From secret U-boat missions to the Summer of Love. From yuppie developers to urban explorers. And from the sultry Pacific to the frozen Antarctic. No one who comes into contact with Innsmouth Echoes survives unchanged. Because Innsmouth is not just a place… it’s a state of mind.

  1. Foreword
  2. The Confession of Brother Simon (first printed in Remnants)
  3. Innsmouth Sonnet
  4. Full Fathom Five
  5. Fear at the Fitz
  6. Return to Providence
  7. U-837
  8. Innsmouth Acid
  9. Shore Leave
  10. Innsmouth Marina
  11. The Watcher
  12. Urbex
  13. Do You Want to Live Forever?
  14. Vostock 5

220 pages Paperback

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Assault Team 5 series

Assault Team 5: Naylor's War
  • Assault Team 5: Naylor's War
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Having recovered from the horrors of global nuclear war, humanity has finally reached up andout to the stars. Now, Earth relies on its far flung mining colonies and factories to survive. Mike Naylor is a member of the Landers, theelite Skyborne unit serving the Terran Alliance. He is on the front line when the first rumblings of disconten tbegin amongst the Outer Colonies. When the Separatist Rebellion flares up and spreads like wild fire, Mike is recruited to spearhead a new Spec Ops outfit, Assault Team 5. Naylor quickly forges a team of experts, who prove their worth in a series of special missions. But when AT5 are assigned to the frozen hell of Copernicus 9, their skills and capabilities are tested to the limit. Because not all your enemies are in front of you…

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AT5 Volume 2  Hunted!
  • AT5 Volume 2  Hunted!
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Following their return from the Copernicus 9 mission, Naylor and the team are drawn deeper into the political crisis on Earth. Meanwhile, the possibility of an internal leak puts the whole unit on edge.

When AT5 are tasked to find and retrieve a rogue corporate chemist, thinks quickly go wrong. Stranded on a desert planet, the team find themselves up against not only the Cartel, but also a crack mercenary team… and the hunters become the hunted!

Volume Two in an eipc new military sci fi series, following the exploits of Special Forces unit Assault Team 5.

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