The Dunwich Trilogy
  • The Dunwich Trilogy
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A savage murder on Dunwich beach plunges DS Marcus Hinds into an investigation that threatens his sanity. Assisted by local reporter Suzy Bainbridge and conspiracy theorist Bob Couzens, Hinds uncovers the links between a secret Government facility, Sizewell Nuclear Power Plant and Nazi occult experiments.

But this is just the beginning! From the UK, to CERN, to a world beyond, the three are taken on a nightmare journey, battling against human and inhuman foes. And meanwhile, two incredibly ancient forces clash in a titanic struggle for the future of the planet. Printed together for the first time, THE DUNWICH NIGHTMARE THE DUNWICH CRISIS THE DUNWICH LEGACY

Three fast-paced modern Mythos novellas. Author Robert Poyton’s contemporary take on Lovecraft’s classic story. "Poyton weaves a great tale of worsening horror 'disasters' in our modern world. He is a master of thriller action and all things Cthulhu Mythos." - Amazon review

Paperback 386 pages

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