Ancestors and Descendants
  • Ancestors and Descendants
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Ancestors - we all have them. Family lines that extend deep into the past and, sometimes, into the future.

The works of HP Lovecraft are full of references to twisted family trees, evil ancestors, and degenerate descendants. Inheritance and legacy, rebirth and decay.

This anthology explores both prequels and sequels to Lovecraftian tales. Seventeen stories that tell of the descendants of Randolph Carter and of the aftermath of the fateful 1928 Innsmouth raid. You will discover the dark history of the de la Poers, read of the early days of the artist Pickman, and learn the secrets of Erich Zann.

From downtown Arkham to distant Venus, from the dawn of time to the far flung future; this unique collection, by authors old and new, seeks to expand and explore the rich Mythos legacy left to us by the Father of the Weird Tale.


The Events at Exham Priory - Robert Poyton A Brief Delay on the Road to San Bernardino - B Harlan Crawford Sympathetic Vibrations - Lee Clark Zumpe His Last Summer - Russell Smeaton Portrait of the Artist - Frank Coffman The Acquisition of Mariah Lieberman - Peter Rawlik The Shadow Over America - John Houlihan Crepitus - Mark Jenkins Whatever Happened to Bobby Lee? - Eduardo Peret Bad Dream - Chris Halliday The Derelict in the Dock - John A DeLaughter The Lullaby of Erich Zann - GK Lomax Twilight of the Gods - Glynn Owen Barrass Memories - Tony Bradbury Nyarlathotep 2030 ( or A Dark Carnival) - Ian Delacroix Beneath the Walls of Eryx - Dickon Springate The Nyarlathotep Experience - Miguel Fliguer

Illustrations by Graveheart Designs Paperback 342 pages

Amazon review "What a great and diverse collection of Lovecraft-inspired stories. Each one has its own style and explores the time before or after the original stories. Very professionally produced with some lovely pen and ink illustrations and eye catching cover."

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