Weird Tails
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Us humans have held a fascination with cats since the days of the Pharaohs. Within the breast of even the most domesticated moggy burns the heart of a tiger!

Cats have featured heavily in weird and supernatural fiction, including Poe and, of course, that great lover of cats, HP Lovecraft. This 190 page anthology gathers 13 new works from the Innsmouth Writing Circle with a distinctly feline theme. Tales and poems from Ulthar, from ancient times, the modern day and even the far future. You may never look at that snoozing kitty in the same way again...

CONTENTS OF SAND AND DREAMS - Ian Delacroix SYNCHRONICITY - Russell Smeaton WHAT ATAL SAW - Miguel Fliguer MOUSER - John Houlihan THE ODYSSEUS FILE - Robert Poyton ROADKILL - Andy Joynes THE SHADOW OF XIOM-THOGG - B. Harlan Crawford CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT - Lara Poyton THE LAST DAYS OF ULTHAR - Peter Rawlik THE CAT AND THE SOMNAMBULIST - Luna Z. Mesvell DREAMS IN THE LAND OF - Mike Slater A GOREY DEMISE - Shelley De Cruz LOVECRAFT AND CATS - J DeLaughter THE CATS - HP Lovecraft BIOGRAPHIES 190 pages paperback

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