Wolf in the Wilds
  • Wolf in the Wilds
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VOLUME SIX OF THE WOLF SAGA! Sickened of the excesses of civilisation, Llorc crosses the Great Desert and plunges into the jungles of the south. He finds peace for a time among the Adabulu, but a warrior's past is never far behind. The arrival of a group of mercenaries results in a desperate pursuit through forest, across savannah and into the mountains.

Llorc takes refuge in a long abandoned city, only to discover the dark secret at the heart of the volcano that looms above it. A secret that only a journey to the realms beyond can resolve... Spider gods, ancient ruins, eldritch horror and flashing blades! Pulse-pounding Sword and Sorcery in the vein of Robert E Howard!

"If you enjoy your sword and sorcery with lots of flashing swords, Dark Sorcery, And Monsters aplenty This novel is for you. I believe Poyton is one of the best writers in the field. Fans of Robert E. Howard will thrill to these savage adventures." 248 pages

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